My name is Sebastien Soudan. I’m a nerd.


Have first installed Linux on my machine in 1995. Since I spend most of my time in front of a computer — and I like that.

I have since written x86 viruses in assembly (doh!), had a 12-machines network (hppa, sparc, mips, x86, alpha) in my bed room for years running, all various OSes the world is made of (Linux, Solaris, netBSD, openBSD, Irix). I have developed LKMs, contributed to ELFsh and some more obscure projects, written few underground e-zines papers1, developed a bandwidth-shaping router on a network processor. I have done research on TCP and bandwidth sharing in networks from a game theoretic to an implementation-oriented perspective, published a PhD thesis and contributed to a book on this topic, trained/guided/managed a development team, developed a scalable micro-architecture-based SaaS platform to monitor many thousands of machines, developed a mesh sensor network for my parent’s home, and various other bits of code.

In about 20 years, some coding for myself, some coding in pair, some doing research in a lab, some leading a dev team, always reading, deploying and troubleshooting code, I have accumulated a some experience and opinions that is now time to share with the community.

Currently my center of interest goes to typed (functional) programming because of its elegance — and I believe its the way to go to make large project —, tools to shorten the dev to deployment time and to some DIY hacks. I need to build stuffs, I’m an engineer!

Aside from that, I love to fly. Have done some sky diving, still doing paragliding when time permit and more recently started learning how to pilot an helicopter. I can also run — not as much I used to few years ago when I was running 80-100km trail races. But trying to get back to it.

  1. which are actually more cited than most of my other research papers

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